Jim, himself, and more Jim

Just a feel good, life loving cop trying to get through the day with a smile on his face… that’s Charlie. He makes the most of every situation and is hard to keep his optimism and spirit down.

On the other hand we have Hank.

Hank is basically the f*ck you up if you look at me wrong type. Assertive, no filter, and afraid of nothing.

Sounds like two totally different kinds of people… yet Jim Carrey shows up what it would be like to have them be one in the same in this hilarious comedy

Me, Myself & Irene

Jim Carrey plays a friendly cop who develops a dissociation personality disorder where he enables a completely different personality to overtake himself – basically two people in one.

As he fights to control his inner struggles and split personality, he is assigned to help a pretty lady who is on the run from her crazy ex.


The movie poster pretty much explains what we can expect… that is brilliant work by a Mr. Jim Carrey who is unstoppable when it comes to fulfilling roles where he can really let loose and get his unique and hilarious mannerisms out on screen.

I mean, that is what we’ve come to love about Jim, right?

The first time I saw this film was at my friend’s house. His parents had installed a home theater room that was incredible. Needless to say I got to see Jim as both Charlie and Hank on a massive projector screen which really made the film memorable to me.

Jim Carrey’s faces and crazy acts, like fighting himself in the car (lol), just make this movie fantastic.

Complete with spectacular writing – this comedy offers some really “piss-your-pants” moments that you just can’t help but love.

Kickin’ some Ass

We know Jim Carrey for many funny man roles. He has won our hearts from years ago with some seriously funny roles in films such as Dumb and Dumber, Ace Ventura, Liar Liar, and many more.

What I really enjoyed was seeing Jim Carrey outside of his usual roles and into a new costume; a super hero.

Kick-Ass 2


Kick-Ass 2 followed up on the previous box office hit, Kick-Ass. Known for its cartoonish spin on real life – where super heroes have stepped up to fight crime; this gory action thriller provides some unique scenes with some really kick ass fight scenes. (no pun intended)

There are some beautiful colors and cinematography done in this film which adds to its appeal.

We have in this sequel some familiar faces and super heroes, along with the return of the hilarious and sometimes annoying super villain, “The MotherF*cker”.

Loved by many, Animals that is…

A film from 1995 and a very notable character leaving audiences talking with their butts for weeks after viewing it in theaters as I review a sequel to another great one by Jim Carrey,

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

From even the start of this film we get a full fledged dose of what the movie we are about to see is all about. Jim Carrey is simply brilliant and nobody has been able to match his quirky goofiness quite the way he does it.

High up in the mountains – Ace Ventura – shows us what it takes to be a man in the line of work he is… which is what exactly? A kind of super secret animal rescue and forensics expert? Either way he makes us believe that this is a legitimate and well organized profession which he is simply the best at.

Sequel to the very famous, very funny, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective – which starred the decorated actor Courteney Cox (which I will be sure to do a blog post about in the future).

This film plays right into all the strengths of this power house of a comedian and using what worked from the first film just a year prior, they really amped up the script and screen play to let Jim Carrey shine.

Anytime somebody mentions to me Ace Ventura I actually think of this movie, the sequel, and a particular scene which stood out to me because it made me laugh so hard I was crying and couldn’t control myself…

I mean, yes I’m a big fan of comedy.

Yes, I laugh often and find many things humorous…

But his scene just had that extra one to combo which made me flat out lose it:

How the Jim Stole Christmas

Its the year 2000 and Ron Howard does it again with another great one as we take a look at a Christmas classic revisited – only this time there is a familiar character behind the star of this holiday treat.

Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas


A “must watch” holiday tradition for many is to view classic Christmas themed movies – especially those clay-mation ones starring Mr Heat Miser (remember him?) Among other classics include, “A Christmas Story” and “The Year Without a Santa” or even “Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer”. All of these classics I love to watch and when I find myself needing to buy a copy of a classic film I discovered I was missing… I visit amazon.com. They have such a great selection and most times, they are super in expensive to grab a copy for your collection!

I am pleased to say that this excellent film has become a must watch film for many since its release in 2000 because of how beautiful, entertaining, and unforgettable it was. I mean, they managed to make the Grinch a super lovable character who you can’t turn your eyes away from the television for.

Forever Funny

It’s 1995 and Jim Carrey is back in action. Only this time he is a villain of sorts and does battle against the ever famous Batman in this lightly humorous color packed take on a classic super hero

Batman Forever


Now this isn’t your Michael Keaton Batman and all as intense with such a serious story line, however it does have its moments.

What I loved about this Batman version was how fun they made it. You know how big a fan of comedy I am.

Gotham City is a big idea – to be interpreted many different ways.

The heroes, the villains, even the city itself, are very animated and have extraordinary qualities even from the comics.

So why not take the classic Batman film and make one that is over the top and imaginative?

Well, these guys did just that!

Funny in Color

From 1990-1994 the television sketch comedy “In Living Color” aired on Fox causing quite a stir. It was written and produced by the Waynes brothers Keenan and Damon whom are highly recognized for their comedy works throughout the years.

The beauty of this show was that its title referred to not only the play off highlighting color televisions as opposed to black and white televisions but also played off the current workings of sketch comedy – ruled by that of Saturday Night Live. You see, Saturday Night Live was a smash sketch comedy show which featured primarily white actors.

The Waynes brothers created In Living Color with the roles reversed, highlighting a brilliant cast of primarily black comedians. Some notable names can be found such as: Jamie Foxx, the Waynes brothers and sister, Tommy Davidson, David Allen Grier, and of course – the odd man out – Jim Carrey.

What made these sketches so remarkable many times were because the spin offs of stereotypes and classifications given to both black and white people. Jim Carrey would be right in the thick of it.

Take a look at some remarkable highlights from the show.

Once again we see some signature Jim Carrey moves. From his flaccid movements to his crazy facial expressions, it’s the Jim Carrey we all know and love.

I won’t lie.. and neither will he.

In 1997 Jim Carrey was back at it again with a real hit and now a classic comedy where he plays Fletcher Reede in a super hilarious film,
Liar Liar

Liar Liar Cover

Jim Carrey shows us all why he is one of the best with his signature facial expressions and mannerisms to keep us laughing well after the movie has ended. The reason we all loved this film was that everyone understood and could relate to the story line. I’m not saying everyone’s father was a lying ruthless lawyer who never spent time with us as kids – or that you yourself can relate to not being their for your children, no. What it did do, however, was really bring about a real life family dynamic to life whilst adding some clever lines and characters… and oh yea, a magic curse created by his son preventing him from telling a lie for one full day.

The story board was fantastic and even explaining the premise to someone who has never seen it would sound appealing. That on top of an A list comedic genius – it was sure to be a box office blow out.

Remember this scene in Fletcher’s boss’s office?

What a classic scene.

Loved to be Dumb

From my earliest memories of the first real experience I had with Jim Carrey (I say that like I know him now – I don’t lol) was from a majorly successful movie from 1994…

Dumb & Dumber

Now keep in mind my age here – born in 1988 – I wasn’t exactly a well oiled machine yet, just a boy. Jim Carrey had done two other major motion pictures that year which went on to also gain fame and glory. They were Ace Venture: Pet Detective in February of that year, and The Mask releasing in mid summer. Dumb & Dumber was the last in the year’s line up providing a great Christmas time movie destination released December 16th.

I did go on to become huge fans of his other films that year but there was something about Dumb and Dumber that just stuck.

It was ridiculous. It was hilarious. It was magic between Jim and Jeff Daniels. They had a chemistry on camera that won the hearts of many – me included.

I still find myself quoting – on a weekly basis – quotes from this movie. One notable quote which also got me was:

Hey Guys! Ohhh Big gulps, huh?….
See you later!

big gulpsJim in limo

LOL I about lost it. I continue using this quote anytime I find myself in an awkward situation where there may be nothing to say or the silence built up is too much to handle. The best part it – so many people know where this quote is from or have heard it before that it surely grants a few laughs and softens any situation.

If it doesn’t, well it’ll make YOU laugh at least, right?

Big gulps huh…

Hello hello hello! Welcome to my brand new blog: Jim Carrey Website. Can’t wait to get rollin’ but for now just sayin hi and thank you for visiting. Much more to come!